Project Brief

  • Remove existing asbestos
  • Remove previous fixtures
  • Demolition of site
  • Total rebuild

Machine Demolition

High Reach 360° demolition machine was brought to site to commence machine demolition from Roundhay Road elevation. Cladding was removed by scrap shear attachment to expose metal/concrete framework. Roof trusses were cut through and lowered down to ground floor for processing. Internal floor at first floor level has been munched through by 20ton 360° excavator with pulveriser attachment fitted.

Hand Demolition

Operatives using hand held tools and ox/propane cutting torch removed metal cladding sheets and dropped same inwards onto floor. This work proceeded until stripping work was down to eaves level. Metal perlins fixed into gable were cut through to allow gable metal truss to be cut into small manageable pieces and dropped inwards onto the floor.

Project Location

Thomas Danby College, Roundhay Road, Leeds West, Yorkshire LS7 3BG

Project Status

Mar 15, 2017

Projected Date

5 Acres

Surface Area

Commercial Property Refurbishment along with Bridge Estates Commercial Property Specialists are planning to bring 100 jobs to the Roundhay Road area, after purchasing the former Thomas Danby College site.

Bridge Estates purchased the site in June last year and has since commenced with the demolition of the college, with funding support from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking. It is anticipated that construction work on the five acre site will start in the summer, and the five unit scheme should be completed before the end of the year.