Project Brief

We were contacted by the managing agent to quote and subsequently undertake necessary repairs to a property after a car had crashed into the front of it.

Overview of Works

External Works:

  • Removed and replaced Yorkshire stone threshold
  • Replaced low level brickwork either side of the door where structurally necessary.
  • Patch repair render at low level to cover brickwork.
  • Spliced new timber sections into existing frame where damage has occurred.
  • Ease and adjusted existing door.
  • Replaced missing beading to door frame, and spliced new timber into door frame.
  • Replaced section of damaged downpipe and paint to match.
  • Redecoration of existing door and frame, in like for like colour scheme.
  • Redecoration of render around front entrance door.

Internal Works:

  • Removed and replaced chipboard immediately behind door threshold, and added additional structural support to brace the floor.
  • Due to laminate match not being available, we infilled the area directly behind the threshold with an inlayed coir entrance mat.

Project Location

Oakwood, Leeds, LS8 4BA

Project Status

June 2021

Completed Date