Project Brief

After years of service this gas house was in need of decommission and refurbishment before National Grid could come in to replace the existing installation. National grid gave a number of requirements for the building before it could be approved for recertification, these included:

  • Building to be made weather tight and secured with padlocks.
  • Additional door to be installed for safe access & egress, on an adjacent wall to the existing door.
  • Ventilation grills to be installed on a minimum of 2 walls to give equivalent of 3% of the floor area as ventilation split at high and low level (including top 10% of building and 150mm from floor level). Minimum requirement of Zone 1 hazardous area as per IGEM/7/B

As the gas house had to remain operational during the works, other risk control factors needed to be considered, such as restrictions on open flames when applying the new roof.

Overview Of Works

  • Removed defective front louvres and all decayed timber doors.
  • Calculated louvre capacity required to meet National Grid specification and installed accordingly.
  • Supplied and fit 2no steel fire doors w/louvres (these were recommended by ourselves due to their low maintenance costs).
  • Undertook multiple repairs to leave the building in a watertight condition;
  • -Fixed downpipes
    -Replaced parapet copings
    -Multiple brickworks repairs & repointing
    -Applied new Firestone Rubber Membrane to roof

Project Location

Junction Business Park, Rake Lane, Swinton, Manchester

Project Status

April 2023

Completed Date